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The Speleo Cave is the newest and most profitable attraction in the amusement & party rental industry. It carries a point of differentiation that is unparalleled by any other product on the market. Most importantly it's the simplest revenue generator with the highest profit potential and Return on Investment.

This attraction can generate $240 to $480 per hour at pay per use events. The key is the fast cycle time and volume of patrons per hour. Speleo Cave will allow 4 to 8 patrons per minute.

We have studied the amusement and party rental industry, and have not found an attraction that can compare to the ease and profitability of the Speleo Cave. When compared to rock climbing walls, mobile trampolines or inflatable slides, the Speleo Cave can generate a higher return on your capital and has a higher net profit per event.

As a point of reference, the name Speleo was derived from Speleology which is the scientific study of caves. Speleologists had to learn how to contort their body in order to traverse difficult caves. The Speleo Cave simulates this experience and happens to be a ton of fun for kids and adults.


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